The History and Education of the University of Cambridge



Today is the first day that we formally learned something. Professor Boping Yuan told us the history of University of Cambridge and how education system works here.


Professor Yuan talked a lot, but what impressed me the most was that students who want to study in Cambridge need a very high degree, and the fact is that it is true.


I kept thinking after the lecture. Students in China work really hard. Some of them wake up in the morning at 6:00am and go to sleep in the evening at 1:00am, but it is not enough to get an offer from University of Cambridge. We Chinese students don’t lack knowledge. What we need is not just read books all the time and become a bookworm but to deal with people,to do some sports, to learn some music or something else.

Conclusion & Application

Study is important, and so are other skills. They can relax our mind and get rid of pressure which is one of the main reasons for suicide of Chinese students. So my point is that don’t be a bookworm but a fully developed person.