Traditional Concept in Biomedical Science from the Cambridge Perspective



This is the first lecture in the Cambridge, delivered by Dr Katerina Jenkins. The lecture was about interdisciplinary Biomedical Science. The most part of the lecture was PCR, which specifically is DNA sequencing.


I learned the basic knowledge about sequencing a NDA fragment. Dr Katerina Jenkins introduced the Sanger Sequencing, the Second Generation Sequencing and the Third Generation Sequencing. I thought that the Third Generation Sequencing is quite interesting, because the sequencing is procedure while the NDA duplicates itself. A little about Digital PCR was delivered at the last.


Dr. Katerina Jenkins told us the length of NDA of a human is the distance between earth and sun. After hearing that I was shocked by such a miraculous procedure. Billions of trillions of DNAs measured but nanometers can end up the length between earth and sun. I can not imagine how DNAs compress into that length. The amazing procedure gave me the interest to seek the true knowledge behind all of these.

Conclusion & Application

We can sequence a DNA fragment, which means we can know the exact order of the ATCG. So, if there is something wrong with the sequence e.g. missing, increasing, disorder, we can detect it, which means that the sequencing can be used to diagnosis the abnormality of a human body, and that abnormality is disease.