Personal Brand Building



The lecture is about personal brand building. Brand is value, which means we need to find our personal value.


The lecture was delivered by Ms. Fiona Wilson, who is a very successful woman. She did a lot of things to find her value. She was a singer whose album was top of iTunes. She was a teacher and she can speak English,German, Italian. She also did finance work. After all the career that she has done, she found that always to be true to yourself. “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.”, and this was what I have learned today.


We did a lot of work to discuss how to find one’s value, and I think that the two question below will help us to define one’s value. Who are you and what do you want others to say about you?

Conclusion & Application

I think I will be more confident than before after the lecture. Not just to live what others want me to be, but to live what I want me to be.